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Are you nervous about going to the dentist?

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It's not uncommon to be a nervous patient in modern dentistry. If you're based in or around Apsley, Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire then you can benefit from the special service provided for nervous patients at Apsley Sedation Clinic: London Road.


As our name suggests, we specialise in all forms of medical sedation to provide you with dental expertise while you relax, relieving most pain and discomfort. Our sedation methods reduce anxiety and help to stave off panic attacks. The most import aspect to remember is that you're in a room of professionals, offering you outstanding levels of dentistry at our clinic.

Book you initial consultation to discuss your dentistry requirements with our team. We'll discuss how you'd like to approach any issues and then approach the problem in a professional manner that, as a nervous patient, you approve of.

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