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Apsley Sedation Clinic: London Road, 147 London Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 9SQ

Apsley Sedation Clinic: London Road specialise in the treatment of nervous patients and can help you with any treatment.

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At Apsley Sedation Clinic: London Road, we offer safe treatments using holistic dentistry. Better for the environment and safer for you.

All treatments supplied through our practice are subject to 'the daughter test'. Would we perform this treatment on ourselves or our family members? If not, then we don't perform them on you.

At Apsley Sedation clinic, we specialise in a range of different treatments, all offering the most minimally invasive approach possible, saving you discomfort and pain.

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A leading dental practice for nervous patients in Apsley

Apsley Sedation Clinic: London Road is established as a leading dental practice in the Apsley area, offering not only exceptional levels of dentistry to every one of our patients, but excelling in the relaxation and treatment of especially nervous patients, or patients with a negative disposition towards general dentistry.


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'I felt compelled to write & thank you for treating me so well.

Whilst I am not frightened, I have some memories of some pretty painful times in a dentist chair over the years. I can honestly say I felt no pain, despite being with you for nearly 2 hours. I could almost say I enjoyed it all! I certainly enjoy the result!


Thank you so much for your professionalism, your care & the magic you do with a needle & drill!'


- Jane Clarke

Specialising in nervous patients

Safe holistic dentistry

Implants  with a difference

Dentistry treatments that are minimally invasive

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